China Industrial Subcontracting & Outsourcing Fair 2007

Oct.21st-23rd in Chongqing

Business with Chinese now? Yes!

  1. Chinese market is expanding rapidly. Why not participate in the competition and share the fruits of the Chinese economy?
  2. Chinese production cost is low. Outsourcing in China will greatly cut your manufacturing cost and promote your competitiveness.
  3. Chinese manufacturing is being upgraded. It is high time to cooperate with the Chinese in terms of subcontracting, technology innovation, upgrading of facilities as well as investment.

Subcon China provides an effective channel to share the fruits of China.

  1. If you want to join in the competition in the Chinese market, you have to lower your price. Subcon China is just the most effective channel to cut down your cost.
  2. Subcon China is supported by the Chinese government and by setting up the supply chain in China you are entitled to more preferential policies .
  3. Subcon China will find you the best counterparts to help you enter into China with less cost and less risk!

Subcon China 2007 ---The Third China Industrial Subcontracting & Outsourcing Fair will be held from Oct.21st -23rd in Chongqing organized by SPX–CQ and approved by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. It is a unique and the most important professional subcontracting fair in China concentrating on the sectors with vast market prospects and strong production capabilities in China. In addition to the subcontracting, other services including technology transfer, investment promotion and sales network sharing will be provided.

  1. Automobiles and motorcycles
  2. Machine tools and moulds
  3. Agricultural and gardening machinery
  4. Construction machines
  5. Energy , especially solar energy/ wind power
  6. Electrical machinery and equipment
  7. Instrument and meter
  8. Hardware tool and product

SPX-CQ supplier database enables us to respond accurately to your enquiries, the data of the manufacturing processing will ensure the quality of the business match-making.
The main manufacturing processes of the 1000 potential exhibitors include:

  1. Metal Processing - Screw Cutting, Machining, Special Machines, Finishing, Surface Treatments, Thermal Treatments, Industrial Fastener, Forging, Foundry, Fabrication, Metal Cutting, Semi-Finished Products
  2. Plastic/ Rubber /Composite Material Processing - Injection, Extrusion, Inflation, Rubber products, Hydraulic Components, Pneumatic Components

SPX-CQ, a non-profit and professional subcontracting center, ensures the quality of match-making meetings.

  1. 3 years working experience under the guidance of UNIDO.
  2. Good knowledge of the Chinese enterprises of their production capabilities, needs, restrictions, and full understanding of potential problems and the solutions when you try to develop suppliers in China.
  3. Successful organization of many business match-making activities under different cultural background and languages, and achievement of good results for enterprises.

More to make the most of your business

  1. Recommendation of 3 appropriate Chinese counterparts if you can specify your requirements and arrangement of meeting schedule just for you in advance.
  2. A free stand with table and chairs to meet your counterparts
  3. Help to hire interpreter at low cost

More services for your visit with less cost

  1. Free pick-up from local airport to the hotel and the exhibition center
  2. Free entry to all the shows
  3. Free arrangement of visits to suppliers you want to develop partnership
  4. Free register in Catalogue and on the Website of
  5. Hotel booking, e.g. Marriott, Hilton at 75USD/Day

Easy to reach

Chongqing has a well-developed transportation network with at least 10 flights to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, and Over 200 international organizations and companies and over 800 Chinese enterprises will come for the exhibition and the business match-making.



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