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Review of Subcon China 2005

1. Basic Figures of Subcon China 2005

2. Analysis of Exhibitors of Subcon China 2005

3. Programs within Subcon China 2005

4. Press Articles about Subcon China 2005

5. List of Important International Companies Participating in Subcon China 2005

6. List of International Organizations Participating in Subcon China 2005

7. Photo of Subcon China 2005

1. Basic Figures of Subcon China 2005

1) Number of international companies

38 international companies such as Volkswagen, Intel, Siemens, Bosch, Valeo, Denso, TRW and Mitsubishi participated to the event either as exhibitors or visitors. Please see a list of them in 5. List of International Companies Participating in Subcon China 2005

2) Number of international organizations

24 international organizations such as UNHCR, UNICEF, IFC (International Finance Corporation), EU Delegation in China, EU Chamber of Commerce and VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) participated to the event. Please see a list of them in 6.List of International Organizations Participating in Subcon China 2005.

3) Number of exhibitors

There were 525 exhibitors at the event. Please see the composition of them in 2.Analysis of Exhibitors of Subcon China 2005.

4)Number of visitors

There were 8,236 visitors, 112 of which are international buyers and main-contractors and 203 are domestic buyers and main-contractors.

5)Number of international matchmaking meetings

Specific matchmaking meetings between 130 potential suppliers and 30 international main-contractors and buyers at the event were arranged.

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2. Analysis of Exhibitors of Subcon China 2005

Click here to see the list of the Exhibitors of Subcon China 2005.

Exhibitors' Sector

Geographic Distribution of Exhibitiors

North of China includes Beijing, Tianjing, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Dalian, etc.
South of China includes Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei, Fujing, etc..

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3. Programs within Subcon China 2005



2005 China International Subcontracting Forum

Mr. Jianong Wu, Vice Mayor of Chongqing
Mr. He Guanguan, the honored president of China Mechanical Engineering Society and ex-minister of China Mechanical Industry Ministry.
Ms. Fabienne Rond, UNIDO Representative
Mr. Wolfgang Wagner, General Manager of VDA China
Mr. Andrew Cook, DABA UK

IFC Policies on Investment in Industrial Projects

Ms. Shannon Atkeson, Senior Investment Officer of IFC Office in China
Mr. Charlie Cheng, Senior Business Development Officer, IFC Chinese Project Development Center

UNHCR Procurement Policies Seminar

Mr. Alejandro Gaitan Rey, Senior Regional Supply Officer

UNICEF Procurement Policies Seminar

Mr. Song Xiaobin, Procurement Officer of UNICEF Office for China

Seminar: New Technology of Plastic Molding

Mr. Xu Changyi, Standing Director of Taiwan Injection Mold Association
Mr. Chen Xiazong, Director-general of Taiwan Advanced Molding Technique Institution

Seminar: Introduction of Bidding & Purchasing Policies on Import & Export of Equipments

Mr. Du Chengrong, General Manager of Chongqing Bidding and Procurement Group (CBPG)
Mr. Peng Zhengji, Chief Engineer of CBPG

Seminar: Optimizing International Sales Network for Equipment Manufacturer

International experts and domestic major equipment manufacturing corporations

International Business Matching-making Meetings between suppliers and buyers

More than 30 industrial products purchasers and more than 130 suppliers from China

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4. Press articles about the event

There were totally 276 press articles among which:

1) 81 articles on 18 newspapers such as China Economic Daily, 21st Century Economy, China Business, China Automobile News and China Machinery & Electronics Business

2) 35 articles on 21 magazines such as World Manufacturing Engineering & Market, MM-China, Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology, China Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Technology & Machining Tool

3) 160 articles on 120 web sites

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5. List of Important International Companies Participating in Subcon China 2005



Bosch- Siemens Home Appliance Group

Marc Hantscher, Director of International Purchasing

Intel Chengdu

Bruce Aitken, Material Manager

Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.

Johnnny Liu, Purchasing Officer of China Sourcing Center


Xuan Hao, Assistant General Manager of Siemens Sichuan


Michel Paglia, Purchasing Director of VALEO China


Gary Sermon, General Manager


Helen Pickford, Purchasing Manager


Eddie Martin, Purchasing Director


Andrew Cook, General Manager

Metalpar Benz

Jaime Cases, General Manager


David Box, General Manager

Vado Beheer B.V

Gert van Heuvelen, General Manager


Thomas Hawkesford, General Manager

Comparison International Limited

Gerry Oates, General Manager


Jim Potter, Purchasing Manager


Shen Shucheng, Purchasing Manager

Visteon Group

Jason Wu, Purchasing Manager

Volkswagen China

Silk Stark, Purchasing Director


Xu Maoshan, Purchasing Manager


Alex Wang, Purchasing Manager

Lucas TVS

P. Nandagopal, Purchasing Director

Mitsubishi Shanghai

Charlie Wang, Purchasing Manager

ENTM, Russia

Nicolay Makarov, Purchasing Manager

AsiaPacific Access, USA

Matt Livingston, Purchasing manager

Picado Systems, Belgium

Tony Dhont, General Manager

Kubach & Sambrook Ltd. UK

Chen Yao, head of Shanghai Office

Proton Products

Paul Sives, Chairman of Board

EP Chengdu Branch

Richard Morgan, General Manager

Atexis Company Electron Co. Ltd.

Mao Chun Ni, Purchasing Manager

Asia Base

Peter N. Rasmussen, Purchaing Manager


Lars Jacob Nielsen, General Manager

Advanced Innovations Ltd, Ireland

Matt Kavanagh, General Manager

Atlas Aluminium Ltd, Ireland

Carsten Wiegand, Purchasing manager

Elite Tool & Die Ltd, Ireland

Murty O¡¯Donoghue, managing director

Sercom Solutions, Ireland

Kevin Vaughan, Manager

KARYA International

Zafer JARADAG, Chairman

Perkin Elmer UK

Brian Tranter, Director Business Development

Darian UK

Julian Burke, Supply Development Manager

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6. List of International Organizations Participating in Subcon China 2005




Alejandro Gaitan Rey, Senior Regional Supply and Procurement Officer


Song Xiaobing, Procurement Officer

Supply Chain Management

Vincenzo Ziliotti, Expert
Fabienne Rond, Expert

European Union Delegation in China

Sergio Balibreau, Counsellor of Economy and Commerce

(International Finance Corporation)

Shannon Atkeson, Senior Investment Officer

(Verband der Automobilindustrie)

Wolfgang Wagner, General Manager of VDA China

European Union Chamber of Commerce

Xavier Maurey, President of Chengdu Chapter

Enterprise Ireland

Alan Buckley, Director of China Office

Shannon Development

Brendan McCormack, Development advisor

Northwest Regional Development Agency UK

Jing Chen, Investment Manager

British Consulate General in Chongqing

Tim Summers, Consul General

Austria Commerce Chamber

Rao Chunxiang, Chief representative in China

Embassy of Spain

Jianqi Ji, Economic & Commercial Officer

Cambra de Comerc de Barcelona

Elisabet Coll-Vinent, Directora de Suport Internacional

Cambra de Comerc de Sabadell

Vincenc Vincente, International Promotion Manager

Cambra de Comerc de Manresa

Jaume Ferreri Cerch, International Trade Department

Embassy of Belgium

Claude Vincent, Economic & Commercial Counsellor

Royal Danish Consulate in Chongqing

Jackob Skaarup Nielsen, Consul
Dean Chen
Michael Kristensen

German Consulate General in Chengdu

Thomas Gerberich, Consul General

US Consulate General in Chengdu

Cui Shiyang

Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation

Frank Wu, President of Chongqing Branch

British Commerce Chamber, Sichuan Office

Paul Sives, Head of Sichuan Office

Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia

Sergey Korovkin, Vice President

Global Purchasing Forum, US Commerce Chamber

Tom Canellakis, Co-Chairman

Cleveland State University, USA

Professor Edward G. Keshock, Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering

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7. Photo of Subcon China 2005

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