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Range of Exhibits

· General machinery and equipment, such as bearing, gear, transmission and drive components, hydraulic machinery and components, pneumatic machinery and components, air and electric tools

· General machine components, such as metal seal, fastener, spring, foundry, forging, die-casting, punching, powder metallurgy products, machining products

· Metal processing machinery, plastic processing machinery, industry automatic control system, mould, automotive components and accessories, architectural metalwork, safety metal products, metal tools

· Rubber products, plastic products, non-metallic mineral products

The above sectors all have vast market prospects and strong production capabilities in China among which we are especially superior and professional in the following processes like:

Metal Processing
· Screw-cutting, machining, special machines
· Finishing, surface treatments, thermal treatments
· Industrial fasteners
· Forge, foundry, fabrication
· Semi-finished products
· Forming processes in sheet metal work

Plastics / Rubber / Composites Material Processing
· Forming of thermoplastics
· Forming of thermosets / composites
· Forming of rubbers
· Second processing and finishing operations
· Glass manufacture
· Semi-finished and finishing products

Industry Services
·Engineering / design / research / quality / services
·Industrial maintenance

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