Subconchina.Com Assist The Upgrading Of Chinese Manufacturing Industry

 In Subcon China 2010,you would find a demo area of  the Chinese Enterprises'  Capability Online Database ( , attracting a large number of enterprises registered.According to the statistics,  nearly 200 companies registered during the fair.
 "We really need depend on to gain more overseas orders,making our products bigger and stronger" from A person in charge of one automation instrument factory in Chongqing.
 Established in 2004, has established relationship with National regulatory authorities, embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce, associations in EU, North America, Africa, Middle East, Japan and other countries.More than 50 enterprises from Britain, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, Senegal, Qatar and other countries submitted their demands.Up to 2010,this database has more than 25,000 Procurement Companies, about 45,000 Chinese enterprises through the assessment, of  which nearly 4,400 enterprises in Chongqing.