Why Exhibit?

Subcon China will help you enter into Chinese market with less cost and less risk!

Do business with the Chinese now!

·Chinese market is expanding rapidly, and many foreign companies have benefited from doing business with Chinese companies. You must participate in the competition to share the fruits of the Chinese economy.
· Chinese production cost is low. Developing suppliers in China will greatly cut down your manufacturing cost and strengthen your competitiveness. That's why so many multinational enterprises have set up their outsourcing centers in China.

Subcon China will be a great help!

· China will be able to recommend suitable Chinese partners for you according to your requirement, and provide you the professional service of pre-selection of qualified suppliers.
· Subcon China is supported by the Chinese government and by setting up the supply chain in China you are entitled to more preferential policies.
· Subcon China will find you the good standing and capable Chinese enterprises, which will facilitate your entering into the Chinese market.

Subcon China is organized by SPX-CQ, whose ability and experiences ensures the quality of the fair and the business match-making event.

SPX is a non-profit and professional subcontracting organization established by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Today more than 44 SPXs in over 30 countries facilitate production linkages between small, medium and large manufacturing firms and link up with global markets and supply chain networks.

More to make from SPX-CQ's services

·Recommendation of suitable Chinese suppliers and preparation of meeting agenda just for you in advance
·A stand with table and chairs to meet your partners
·Pick-up from local airport to the hotel and the exhibition center
·Support for Chinese factory visit, such as the arrangement of transportation, support for the supplier's preparation for reception.
·Hotel booking service
·Help to hire interpreter at low cost