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The Global Promotion Activities of Subcon China 2008

Published:2008-03-31 View:

China Industrial Subcontracting & Outsourcing Fair 2008 (Subcon China 2008) will be held on November 5-7 in Chongqing. It is the most important Industrial Subcontracting fair in China sponsored by INIDO and approved by Ministry of Commerce. Subcon China will recommend potential partners for the participants before the fair, arrange personalized match-making meeting schedule for individual purchaser or supplier during the fair, and offer all kinds of service and help to establish long-term cooperation after the fair. The full-scale professional service will guarantee the effectiveness of meeting and increase the chance for success. By estimation, over 200 international buyers and 800 Chinese suppliers will attend Subcon China 2008.

SPX-CQ undertakes the task of inviting international buyer to attend the fair. Since 2007, SPX-CQ has been promoting the fair worldwide in 5 languages, i.e. German, Japanese, Italian, English and French and established the buyer database. In 2008, SPX-CQ plans to promote the fair also in Africa, India, Gulf region and North America and invite more purchasing managers to attend the fair.

This month, SPX-CQ visited the office of some international industrial organizations in Beijing and Shanghai to promote Subcon China 2008, including: Japan-China Economic Association General Manager Beijing Office, Tokai Japan-China Trade Center Beijing Office; The Association for the Promotion of International Trade Office in Beijing (Japan), New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization Representative Office in Beijing (Japan), The American Chamber of Commerce, People's Republic of China, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SwissCham) in Beijing; Economic and Commercial Office, Beijing; Embassy of Spain, France Lyon the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Office in Beijing; Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China; Spanish Chamber of Commerce In China (COCECH), The China Office Of The Dutch Chinese Chamber Of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sabadell (Spain); Consortium for Commercial Promotion of Catalonia (Spain), Italy Milan Chamber of Commerce & Industry & handicraft & Agriculture, Shanghai Japanese Commerce & Industry Club, Pennsylvania Shanghai Representative Office and etc.. All these organizations gave high praise to the work of SPX-CQ and expressed their wish to establish or maintain cooperation with SPX-CQ for mutual development. The organizations also expressed that they will give support to the promotion of Subcon China 2008 in their countries and some of them will organize their enterprises to attend the fair.

In the middle of this month, during the visit to India and UAE, SPX-CQ successfully promoted the fair in India and Gulf region. Through SPX in Senegal and the representative office in South Africa of UNIDO, the promotion of the fair in Africa also started. SPX-CQ plans to send staff to Africa in August or September to promote the fair and invite buyers to attend the fair.

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